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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Triangle Boxes

Custom triangle boxes have diverse uses and cover a wide range of products when it comes to unique packaging. Although, many brands use this box style still there is a significant amount of the majority that question the usefulness of these boxes.

If you are also one of the people who have confusion about a triangle box then today’s blog is the best piece of reading for them. Here we will answer the most frequently asked questions about triangular-shaped boxes in detail. So keep reading!

Are The Boxes Sturdy?

The first question that most people have is about the sturdiness of the boxes. Triangular packaging has the perfect sturdiness that makes it an ideal choice for all delicate product packaging. If you are thinking to start using this box style then you must not delay if you want to keep your product secure and supreme.

Triangle shaped boxes are made of four very durable materials such as kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid. All these materials are paper-based but the multiple layers and the long cellulose fibers in the boxes make them highly robust.

What Are The Printings That Can Be Used On A Triangle-Shaped Box?

Now the second question that has come to your mind is the box design and what are the different types of printing used on the boxes. All the printings that you can use on other custom boxes can be applied to the designing of triangle shaped boxes.

Triangle packaging can be designed with any color and design that you think is suitable for your brand. There are four different types of printings that any brand can use to design its triangle packaging boxes:

  • Offset lithography
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexography

Can Triangle Boxes Help In Brand Promotion?

Yes, the logo-printed boxes give your brand the opportunity to promote itself. In addition to logos, there are other aspects of packaging that help companies in promoting themselves. For instance, if a brand wants its customers to contact for feedback, it can add contact information on the boxes.

The unique design of the triangle cardboard box itself becomes a branding element. You can also add a thematic quote or selling pitch of your brand on the boxes in order to promote yourself.

Do I Communicate With The Customers Via Packaging?

Yes, you can get a communication tool in the form of triangle packaging boxes. Some of the brands want to communicate with the customers for a better experience and this can be efficiently done via packaging.

While the regular rectangular or square boxes have only one side for printing, custom triangle boxes can be printed on all three sides. You can add your product and brand-related information on the boxes and communicate with the customers.

Are The Tringle Packaging Boxes Expensive?

The price of the boxes depends upon the type of raw material and various customization facilities on the boxes. Say the price of kraft material will be less than the price of cardboard. Similarly, the price of offset printing will be different from the price of digital printing.

The dimensions of the boxes also hold a lot of importance in determining the box price. Say you want custom pie packaging for a small pie, the price of the box will be less due to the small box size.

Moreover, several customization facilities such as ribbons, PVC sheets, embossing, and metallic foilings all impact the end cost of the boxes. By getting your order from companies that are giving wholesale services you can get enjoy lower rates.

What Different Products Can Be Packed In Triangle Packaging?

A large variety of producst can be packed in triangle shaped boxes. Especially those products that need catchy and unique presentation must be packed in these boxes. Jewelry items, cosmetic products, and pharmaceuticals all can be packed in boxes in the shape of triangles.

Many companies sell small fragrances in this box style. Not only this but several food products such as pizza slices, pies, pastries, and sandwiches all can be packed in custom boxes in a triangle shape.

Can I Get The Boxes In Sustainable Materials?

Yes, the best part about customized packaging boxes is that they are sustainable. As we have discussed earlier paper-based materials used in manufacturing boxes do not accumulate in the environment and hence do not contaminate it.

The main fiber in the paper is cellulose which is biodegradable. Nonetheless, with the application of polystyrene lamination, the eco-friendly nature of the boxes is reduced.


Custom triangle boxes have remarkable features that make them perfect for a lot of brands for a lot of purposes. The raw materials used in the boxes make them a perfect fit for the product as well as environmental safety. The limitless customization and branding ability make the boxes a befitting solution for all the brands.

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