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How to Turn Your Artwork into Custom Chenille Patches

Custom Chenille Patches

The 80s and 90s patchwork fashion styles, like letterman-style coats, are making a resurgence, so now is a wonderful time to invest in chenille patches for your creative merchandising needs.

In French, the word “chenille” literally means “caterpillar.” This comes from the tuft, cord, or chenille fabric’s fuzzy, carpet-like texture, which is reminiscent of a caterpillar’s fur. Chenille has a distinct texture that, from a distance, appears smooth and almost printed.

Varsity jacket lettering is a classic example of chenille patchwork, which you’ve seen for years. Chenille is available in the store in a multitude of trendy apparel styles. You can place an online order for personalised chenille patches.

When Comparing Chenille vs Embroidery, Which is Better?

The majority of people mistake chenille work for embroidery. Given that it is applied to fabric with thread and needles, chenille is a form of embroidery in and of itself, but it is not the same as traditional needlework. Patches can be designed using either classic or chenille embroidery, but there are notable differences in cost, technique, and aesthetics.

Chenille is sewed with specialised machinery, starting from the bottom. The finished item has a distinctively soft look due to the elevated form of the yarn and the short lengths of cloth, commonly referred to as piles.

Furthermore, chenille embroidery cannot be applied directly to the fabric, in contrast to traditional embroidery. Prior to applying the pattern on the garment, it is precisely cut out and sewed onto felt. Put differently, chenille is designed for patchwork.

For your personalised patches, you may also choose to combine classic stitching with chenille. Chenille is used to apply the primary design, and regular thread embroidery is used for any decorations and borders.

You’ve made a wise decision if you want to create custom chenille patches out of your artwork. Chenille patches are a certain way to differentiate your products from the competition and typically have a more elegant appearance than embroidery patches. Any artwork can be transformed into chenille, characters, symbols, numbers, mascots, and more. Your creativity is the only restriction!

Getting Designs Ready for Handmade Chenille Patches

Before placing an order for patches, the majority of consumers initially want to know how to choose and deliver a design for their custom patch order.

Patches for bags, jackets, caps, and even keychains are available. To get going, all you need is the ideal design. Here are some things to think about:

Dimensions and Clarity

The size of your patch, which is dependent upon the size of your artwork, is the first thing you should verify before choosing a quote. The tiny standard size is limited to a maximum of one inch in both width and height. The classic big chenille patches with Iron on patches can have any dimensions up to 4 inches in width and 3 inches in height. Over this size, any patch is regarded as extra-large.

You can only achieve the greatest outcome for resolution if you submit high-quality artwork. It is not permissible to use fewer than 150 dpi (dots per inch). In order to create personalised chenille patches using your artwork, we advise sending in a 300 dpi image file.

Picture File and Template

Although you can upload your artwork in.jpeg or.png format, we advise using the.png form since it is a vector file type. If you make any adjustments to the image to make it fit a specific patch, your artwork will be more precise because vector images can be processed more quickly and are more scalable.

To turn your artwork into bespoke chenille patches, you can discover a number of free templates online or request standard designs from your patch producer. These can make the design process easier, but use your imagination if you have a more intricate design in mind than the typical squares, circles, numbers, or letters!

Backgrounds & Colours

The secret to a gorgeous handmade chenille patch is a well-chosen colour combination. You can use as many colours as you like, but the fewer colours you use, the more unique your design will be.

Consider well-known logo designs like those from Nike, Amazon, FedEx, and McDonald’s; they are recognisable and only need one or two primary colours. Less is more when it comes to colour selection for patch artwork!

A border that is either chenille or traditionally embroidered completes chenille patches. You can collaborate with your patch artist to create the border you want, or you can simply swipe the outside of your artwork to make one.

Using contrasting backdrop colours for chenille patches is a great way to create a statement. The majority of primary and pastel colours complement a white backdrop effectively; the logos of Pepsi and Starbucks are two notable examples.

For a visually arresting effect, combine yellows, greens, and lighter blue hues with a black border. Try searching the internet for tonnes of amazing chenille patch ideas if you are having trouble coming up with the perfect colour combination.

Complete Your Artwork

You can submit your image file for a quote as soon as it’s ready and in the proper format and colour scheme. Before selecting your patch makers, look for two things: a free quote and an easy-to-order bespoke chenille patch with no minimum order need.

Chenille embroidered patches demand more than simply beautiful designs; precise stitching, border completion, and design cutting call for specialised equipment and close attention to detail.

Beautiful Patches: Your One-Stop Chenille Patch Store

We have all the know-how to transform your artwork into personalised chenille patches using the best equipment and a high-quality digital format.

We are skilled at creating personalised patches at Elegant Patches. Every stage of the process, from selecting premium yarn and threads to checking the finished product for quality, is done with careful attention to detail.

With years of experience creating various personalised chenille and embroidery patches, our artisans are capable of handling any unique order and ensuring prompt delivery.

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