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Top Web Design Errors no Website Should Make in 2023

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Web designing can rightly be termed as an art form as creating a mesmerizing design is not everyone can come up with. And that’s one reason why no one can master it overnight. Although, companies can easily get web design solutions according to your needs, thanks to the evolution of web design. What has not changed over the decades are the web design mistakes. Well, this is not a new thing as every time we try to come up with a new design, we are bound to make mistakes. But we need to make sure that we learn from our mistakes and come up with a design that is flawless. 

You will be shocked to know that web designers are making the same mistakes that they used to make 4, 5 or even 10 years ago. Time has changed and nowadays an individual, even working for the best web design company in the market, cannot last long if he is not able to make drastic changes in the way designing is being done. A closer inspection of both the older study and the recent studies confirms this startling fact. So what is the remedy? Read on.

In this blog now, I will try to list 4 of the top mistakes that designers still commit all over the world and we can do nothing but sigh. Following is not a definite list but a very important one. 

  1. Poor Navigation

Despite the emergence of ground-breaking and new web design tools, we still come across websites with confusing navigation. The key to web design success is user experience and nothing ruins the user experience of your website more than a navigation that is just not up to the mark. Make visitors jump from one page of your website to other pages in a matter of seconds and there you will get a lot of admiration as this is exactly what we all want in a web design.

Another golden rule considering the navigation is do not hide your navigation button and make it as prominent as possible so that the users don’t have to waste time in figuring that out. The easier it is for the user to navigate your website, the more he or she will explore. This automatically enhances the overall user experience of your website and reduces the bounce rate.

  1. Wrong Content Placement

Due to lack of clarity, web designers tend to place content at unexpected places, which results in the cluttered layout. This confuses your website visitors, as there are unable to understand the content structure of your website. As a result, users will start to lose interest in your web page. Just placing a block of text with no headings will not cut it. Web designers should provide users with a clear content structure with the page title, headings and subheadings to help visitors skim through your web page easily.

  1. Cluttered Layout

The days when you overwhelm the users with all the bells and whistles are long gone. Web design has moved on from “everything you can put in” your web page to “less is more” approach. Unfortunately, we are still seeing websites that are loaded to the brim with images, buttons, videos, and text. It ruins the overall look and feel of your website as it makes it look cluttered. No one liked to look at a cluttered website let alone interact with it.

  1. Long Website Forms

This is one aspect where things have improved a bit but there is still room for improvement. Back in the day, painfully long registration forms were quite the norm so much so that it becomes cumbersome for users to sign up for services. Thankfully, businesses and service providers have taken notice of this issue and reduced the number of form fields, but we still see websites using the same decade old long forms for sign ups, which does nothing but deters the users from signing up.  

Final Word

Just one bad experience might cost you a visitor and will also lead to negative marketing, so you need to be very cautious when designing websites. If you know about any other web design error that is you still see on websites and want to share it with my readers or want to ask a question, feel free to use the comments section below in this concern.

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