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5 Companies Boosting E-Commerce Efficiencies

Any way you look at it, e-commerce is having a moment. And it’s a big one

Spurred by consumers’ needs for merchandise during the pandemic, global e-commerce sales are expected to top $6 trillion by 2023. Yet running a profitable e-commerce business can be more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

From dealing with returns to writing compelling—and accurate—descriptions, e-commerce retailers deal with plenty of moving parts. Fortunately, they have their pick of tools to help optimize their processes. That way, they can remain on the leading edge and build recognition as well as recurring revenue streams.

Below are five technologies helping e-commerce businesses stay lean and competitive.

1. Tradefull

Designed to be a complete e-commerce solution, Tradefull’s proprietary platform makes entering the e-commerce world easier. Tradefull offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions, including branded websites, dropshipping, and warehousing. In addition, Tradefull integrates with more than 40 marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond. This enables their partners to gain immediate access and start selling on some of the world’s most successful online selling channels.


Tradefull provides solutions to e-commerce retailers, wholesalers, and B2B businesses of all sizes. However, it’s particularly attractive for large sellers struggling with outdated technology and old-school thinking.


2. LiveChat

AI sometimes seems out of reach, especially for newer virtual merchants. However, LiveChat brings the opportunity to wow users with an AI chatbot to just about any company.  


As its name suggests, LiveChat is capable of handling basic customer communications and setting up tickets. Even basic users can capture some of their shopper chat history to spot trends. This is a sophisticated solution that adds instant credibility to any site. It also reduces the friction spots that can lead to annoyed, unsatisfied customers. When customers are happier, they’re more likely to turn into fans.

3. Klarna

Though certainly not the only company to accept a variety of payments, Klarna has arisen as a best-of-best category provider. One of Klarna’s hallmarks is allowing merchants to offer customers a range of buying options. These include everything from installments to deferred “try before you buy” setups.


Klarna’s internal research suggests its clients may experience a potential bump of up to 45% in total sales per order and reduced cart abandonment rates. Consequently, it’s a solid must-try for e-commerce stores interested in providing a buffet of buying choices.

4. Coupler.io

Moving data from one place to another can be intimidating for any business. For e-commerce retailers, it can be tough to figure out how to make the most of growing data pools. Coupler.io has the answer in the form of its data integration tool.


Coupler.io works seamlessly to sync data from popular e-commerce platforms like Google Sheets and Excel. Once centralized, the data can then be analyzed to search for important trends and insights. Because data points are backed up in real-time, Coupler.io’s dashboard acts as an up-to-the-minute insider view for e-commerce store team members. 

5. Ecwid

What about all those part-time, gig economy e-commerce retailers not quite ready for the big time? If they need a robust e-commerce store, Ecwid can deliver.


Ecwid is a WordPress plugin that makes getting started less overwhelming. It’s a no-frills platform that gets the job done right. Therefore, it’s great for social media side hustlers who would rather not spend a fortune on a vast e-store. Perhaps most attractive is the fact that Ecwid’s free trial never runs out. That makes it a no-lose investment for emerging e-commerce retailers that don’t plan to scale too soon.


The expenses of running a successful e-commerce business don’t have to break the bank. With the help of trustworthy tools, retailers can operate more efficiently online. It’s a win-win way for them to wow customers without diving too deep into their budgets.



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