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Children Theme Party Ideas

theme party ideas

Theme Party Ideas- You’ve thought of throwing an cool themed party. Now is the time to celebrate because your kids guests are sure to have an unforgettable party. Get the most amazing party vibe and throw them a party to remember with these retro inspired ideas for decorations foods activities, and much more. Lets discuss in detail about Theme Party Ideas for children’s.

1. Decide The Party Dress Code

Invite guests to dress in their favourite character outfits. Expect plenty of neon, legwarmers animal prints, hot pink. Make a unique twist on an old-fashioned party by incorporating an official dress code. Ask your guests to dress up in their most beloved movie persona or throw an themed party. Inform your guests about the Trendy kids dress code on the invitations for your party.

2. Glow in the Dark Fun Party

Planning an evening gathering? Set the black lights on and pull on the glowing sticks to enjoy some fun with neon. Make your room the ultimate themed party scene by using glow in the dark paint and party equipment. Set the scene for dancing party or plan your entire party around the concept of a totally glow in the dark party.

3. Neon Lighting a great Fun

No matter if you pull out the neon glow sticks, neon lighting is the best way to go for a truly themed Party.

Decorate your space with a neon sign such as or a line from your favourite movie. You can add strip lighting or switch your standard bulbs for LEDs with colour changing to bring neon colours to your event.

4. Arrange A Playlist

There’s no themed party without an amazing playlist. There is no need for an DJ if you’ve got all the classics of the greats as well as some songs that are inspired by nostalgia. If you’re planning to break your party into chill and energetic moments, make music that is appropriate for every moment.

Everybody has their favourite songs so make sure to include some of them in your playlist. Include a note in your invitations for guests favourite songs for an entertaining method of getting everyone involved.

5. Kids Favourite Candy Bar

Make people think about their favourite sweets by offering an candy bar. Get a supply of classics such as Skittles Nerds, Runts Razzle’s, Sour Patch Kids. Don’t forget Push pops as well as Chupa Chups favourite foe all kids. The retro candy bar provide the nostalgic feeling however, it’s also a great option to lighten your kids theme party with vibrant rainbow colours.

6. Decide the Best theme Cake

If you are arranging a kids theme party. Don’t forget some cute cup cakes and them character cake for party. It’s easy with a ready to eat cake mix along with using some theme recipe it’s possible to create it in a short time. It will take some time but it’s an absolute pleasure. The fondant is lots of fun for kids to play with. And if your hands get stained, consider making it a part of your costume with multiple hues.7

7. Inflatable Decorations

The inflatables are an exciting method to add a dash of fun to your kids theme party. There are plenty of great options for retro-inspired inflatables. Mostly Kids love brightly coloured boomboxes, gigantic cell phones, bananas guitars and microphones. Invite your kids friends to take photos and make use of these props for games or even karaoke contests at the end of your evening.

8. Video Game Station

The theme party is fantastic time to play video games. The classic games are one of the most popular games today. Rekindle the excitement by putting together a fun video gaming station for your themed party. Create a space in which guests can play video games such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Frogger, and Super Mario Bros.

9. Themed Party Games

We all enjoy a great party game and themed parties offer you the ideal opportunity to cherish the decade by engaging in fun games.

Create your own game with trivia questions inspired by films, fashion, music and news.  Set up a playlist and have your guests engage in “guess that song” to earn points and be the winner. Whatever you like the most about a classic and put a fun 80s twist on it to create a fun game to play at your next party.

10. Set up Brightly coloured Cocktails

Maintain the lively vibe all through your kids theme party, including beverages and food. Alternate classic cocktails such as mojito or margarita to fun, vibrant drinks that taste deliciously sweet.

Set up a station for cocktails with instructions to allow guests to create their own cocktail recipe, or be sure to have a professional available to demonstrate how to make it.

11. Head-to-Head Fun Game

The themed party is not complete without some fun. Make fun head-to head and team challenges to determine who is the best at these retro classics.

There are many ways to make challenges out of everything, but kids particularly love having an air guitar contest or character style dance-off. Include karaoke and lip sync battles in hip-hop and your kids have an fantastic way to enjoy their time with friends. It also gives you the chance to utilize all the props and inflatables in your photo booth.

12. Theme party food

When it’s time to say farewell Don’t let your guests leave empty handed. Favourites that are themed to your party are an excellent way to leave your guests with a reminder of the fun they enjoyed at your themed party.

Customize your favours according to the guests’ age, interests and the kind of party you’ve hosted. It’s possible to send them back home with some themed cupcakes or an airbrushed T-shirt that’s in themed boxes for favours.


Kids love theme parties or event. They’re a great method to celebrate an anniversary, birthday celebration or any other moment in your life with those you love the most.

Theme party ideas bring your guests into that atmosphere of a party with the ideal playlist, themed games, and the best theme party décor you could want. With this all kind of arrangement you will score a good marks in front of kids friends and with your own guest too.

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