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Applications Open for PG in Humanities & Social Sciences at University of Strathclyde

study in UK

The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow offers scholarships to applicants interested in humanities and social sciences access courses and taught programs for the academic year of 2023/24. Students can apply on the official university website — Strath.ac.uk.

Scholarships are available for students enrolled in humanities and social science courses in a postgraduate degree-taught program. The scholarship is equivalent to 15% off tuition fees. This will usually be between PS2,500 and PS3,000.

The University offers several Dean’s International Excellence Awards to its bachelor of humanities and social science postgraduate applicants. These awards are valued at PS4,000-PS5,000. They will be given out only to exceptional postgraduate-taught candidates.

The applicant must only submit one application to be considered for the postgraduate taught scholarship at all levels. A total of 285 scholarships are available between PS2,500 and PS5,000. For consideration for the Faculty of Art Humanities & Social Sciences International Scholarship, applicants must have a 2:1 or equivalent in their undergraduate degree.

This award is valid for one year and will help students pay their tuition. This UK scholarship for indian students is open in English, Education, History, Law, Languages, and Politics. Other than studies in humanities and social science, it includes those studying Journalism, Social Policy, International Relations, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Journalism, or Social Work.

Candidates for the Dean’s International Achievement Award must show academic achievement. This often means they have an international equivalent to a UK first-class degree. The applicant must also be able to impact the University of Strathclyde significantly and their chosen career after graduation. The information in the scholarship application assesses this.

Students who wish to be considered for a Dean’s International Excellence Award must demonstrate academic excellence, usually a UK First-Class undergraduate degree (or international equivalent), as well as the ability to contribute to the Strathclyde Community during their studies and their chosen profession after graduation (assessed through the information provided on the scholarship application form).

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Why Study in the UK For Future Growth And Success?

Studying in the United Kingdom has long been a coveted choice for students seeking academic excellence, cultural diversity, and a global perspective. The UK’s education system, renowned for its high standards, historical institutions, and innovative teaching methods, offers a unique platform for future growth and success. Here are compelling reasons why studying in the UK can pave the way for a promising future.

1. Academic Excellence:

The UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, known for their high academic standards and global reputation.

2. Diverse Course Offerings:

The UK’s education system offers a broad range of courses and disciplines, allowing students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career aspirations.

3. Cultural Diversity:

Studying in the UK provides exposure to a multicultural society, fostering a global perspective and enhancing communication and interpersonal skills.

4. Innovation and Research:

The UK is at the forefront of innovation and research, with many groundbreaking discoveries originating from its institutions. Students have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge advancements and contribute to pioneering research.

5. Flexibility:

The flexibility of the UK education system allows students to explore and specialize in various fields, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

6. Practical Experience:

Many UK universities collaborate with industry partners, offering students practical experience, internships, and networking opportunities. This link between academia and industry prepares graduates for the demands of the global job market.

7. Global Recognition:

Degrees from UK universities are globally recognized and respected, providing a competitive advantage in the international job market.

8. Language Advantage:

Studying in an English-speaking country enhances language proficiency, a valuable skill in today’s globalized business environment.

9. Networking Opportunities:

The diverse student population and collaborations with industries provide ample networking opportunities, laying the groundwork for future professional success.

10. Personal Growth:

Beyond academic and professional benefits, study in UK from India facilitates personal growth by exposing students to new perspectives, challenges, and experiences.

Career Opportunities in UK For Indian Students

For Indian students, pursuing education in the UK opens up a myriad of career opportunities. The UK’s diverse job market welcomes skilled professionals from various fields, offering a range of possibilities for career growth. Many industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, and engineering, actively seek international talent, providing Indian students with a chance to apply their skills on a global scale. Additionally, the UK’s emphasis on innovation and research creates avenues for professionals to contribute to cutting-edge developments. With a globally recognized education and exposure to a dynamic work environment, Indian students in the UK find themselves well-positioned for rewarding career paths.


In conclusion, studying in the UK serves as a catalyst for future growth and success. With a world-class education system, diverse cultural experiences, and a focus on innovation and practical skills, the UK provides a solid foundation for students to thrive academically, professionally, and personally. Choosing the UK for higher education is an investment in a future that is not only intellectually fulfilling but also globally competitive.

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