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Sales – How do I get more sales through Facebook

Some facts: 50% of Dutch people use Facebook in real time. A large proportion of these Facebook users do this via their smartphone. And that’s great, because they get about 53% of Facebook’s advertising revenue from mobile ads. Sounds impressive, right? But what can you do with it as an entrepreneur? We explain this in this article, because you can easily benefit from the success of marketing on Facebook

Building followers – Finding the different ways

But…You can only benefit from Facebook’s success if you do it right. So if you want to do successful marketing via Facebook, you have to do something. Advantage: you do most of the work in the beginning. Once everything is in place, it’s just a matter of keeping track. In addition, you can easily advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, but more about that later in this blog.

It all starts with creating a Facebook page. It is very important that you have the target group in mind and also describe it when you create the Facebook page. The moment you define this target group properly and have a clear idea in mind, you will see that you reach your target group much faster. And that’s where it starts: reaching your target group.

Once you have properly defined the target group, you can go one step further: building up the number of followers. You ensure that there is already some information and posts on your page and you start recruiting followers. If you do this yourself, it can take quite some time to gain a significant number of followers. This can be done faster by purchasing quality Facebook likes. These likes provide a major boost to the number of followers. All you have to do is increase the number of followers. This will happen automatically if you keep your Facebook page updated.

Link webshop to Facebook page

Once your Facebook page is up and running, you can consider linking your webshop, if you have one, to Facebook. Of course you can do this by means of a post with a link to the articles in your webshop. This can be effective, but can also have limitations. Do visitors look further?

You can also set up an online store via Facebook. With the Payvment app you could build a simple webshop in Facebook. This is no longer possible. Nowadays you can very easily build your own webshop in Facebook and Instagram. This makes it possible for you to put a very simple webshop on your Facebook page. You can place a number of products and have them paid via Facebook/Instagram. This is not a solution for every company, but if you do not add the webshop, you run the risk of losing customers, and that is of course also a shame.

How many followers do you need?

A question that is often asked is: how many followers do you actually need to be successful as an entrepreneur on Facebook? Very few people really know how to give a clear answer to this. However, there is an answer and it is very simple: it is not so much about the number of likes, but about the quality of the likes. You can have thousands of likes from people who fall outside your target group, but that is of no use to you at all. They are not among the people who will take something from you. The chance that they will ensure good reach within your target group is also not that great, so if you want a lot of followers, it is best to look for followers that can also be useful to you.

As a guideline, around 5,000 likes are indicated. Of course this is not a strict requirement. This number is not suitable for every company. If you are a small bicycle repair shop that relies mainly on local sales, then 5,000 likes is a very ambitious goal. If you are a giant like Nike, then 5,000 likes is very little. Try to find out for yourself what a reasonable number is for you and don’t let yourself be pushed around. If you get more work than you can handle, that can also cause problems. So seeking balance is best. And don’t get hung up on just a number. If you do your best, you will automatically get the number of likes you want.

Increase sales by using Facebook

The moment you have a certain number of likes, the real work can begin. Starting to convert likes into sales. This can be done in all kinds of ways, but it is always important that you have something to offer the follower or customer. Provide interesting and good information in your posts and occasionally post a fun promotion that the customer can participate in. ‘Lure’ the customer to your store with a discount voucher or celebrating a party. Really introduce the follower to your company. Make sure they get to know you.

Because people like to engage companies that they have a feeling about. So when people feel that they know your company and that they have a good feeling about your company, there is a good chance that they will come to you when they are interested in your product or service. That is why it is important that you always guide your followers to your products and services. This can be done via a button or link to your website, but also by collecting data. What works best for your company takes a bit of searching. You often become wiser as you go.

Increase local sales through Facebook

Facebook is also a good social media channel to grow your local activities. You can do this, for example, by advertising on Facebook. When you start a campaign on Facebook, you are always asked about the reach. You can make this range as large or as small as you want. This means that if you want to draw attention to yourself locally, you will have to use a smaller radius. Facebook itself indicates how many people within your target group you reach. Facebook offers a number of options that you have. You can use it very easily. The only downside: it’s not free.


Facebook is the current channel to include in your marketing. In the beginning it requires some investment of time and perhaps money – when you buy likes or when you start a campaign – but over time it will pay for itself completely. Making sure you become a name on Facebook has many benefits that will make you and your customer both very happy. Your follower stays informed of the latest news and you sell your product or service to the target group. And that is what marketing should look like. Good luck!


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